A Statement from our CEO

Dear Valued Customers,

At CRI Genetics, we pride ourselves on our science, our customer service, and delivering an overall joyful, fulfilling experience to those who choose to take their genetics journey with us. We also value transparency – in everything that we do – and want to take this opportunity to share with you the findings and implications of a recent review of our company.

The Federal Trade Commission launched a broad and open-ended probe into CRI Genetics in 2021, which involved in-depth review of every aspect of our business – the accuracy of our science, the quality of our core products, and our operational practices, including data privacy protocols. The agency began reviewing claims made by companies that sell at-home DNA testing kits in 2017 as part of an industry sweep, which ultimately included CRI Genetics.

We want to emphasize that after this exhaustive review, the agency concluded NOT to allege that CRI Genetics has ever failed to safeguard customers’ DNA data or provided inaccurate information in ancestry reports. The FTC identified only minor issues with a small subset of sales and marketing practices from our startup years that were long ago discontinued.

In the course of this engagement, the FTC requested access to our full customer database. We have strict policies against sharing customer data with third parties without explicit customer consent. At no point did CRI Genetics grant the FTC access to our full customer database or any confidential DNA information.

In light of recent events unfolding around the world and in our industry, I want to reassure anyone who has entrusted CRI Genetics with their personal information that we are committed to protecting your privacy and staying vigilant for any threats to our security protocols.

I’m confident in what we’ve built as a team at CRI Genetics, and as we put this matter behind us, I’m looking forward to bringing our unique approach to transforming complex genetic data into actionable insights for more people than ever before.



Alex Mulyar
CEO, CRI Genetics