CRI Genetics DNA Test Education: What Are CRI Genetics Health Reports Good For?

Welcome to your personal cheat sheet that gives you an edge on many of life’s challenges.

How can genetic health reports from CRI Genetics make you healthier?

They can’t!

YOU make you healthier. The CRI Genetics health reports just make it easier for you to do so.

When your ancestry reports satisfy your curiosity and you venture into the health and trait categories…

You’ll see a few insights you already know about yourself, such as hair or eye color.

Even though you likely already know many of these traits about yourself, you may discover genetic factors to the traits you didn’t know about.

Examples include mosquito size or a photic sneeze reflex (where you sneeze when you see bright lights). Did you know those were genetic traits?

Reports like these are meant to be a little fun and maybe help you make sense of your quirks.

The real value is experienced when you get into the insights directly related to health.

Examples include risk factors for several issues, from gingivitis to rheumatoid arthritis to triglyceride levels to hormones.

Each one of these reports does more than just tell you what your genetic risk may be…

CRI Genetics health reports provide detailed explanations along with tips that can help you overcome the issue at hand.

In the rheumatoid arthritis report, for example, diet suggestions and exercise recommendations to manage arthritis pain.

There’s even a whole category of reports focused on nutrition. There are several genetic factors related to how well your body absorbs various nutrients and how likely you may be to experience a deficiency.

Given the important relationships basic nutrients like Vitamin D and others have with your energy levels, blood flow, bone and joint health, your mood, and so much more…

The nutrition category of reports alone has the potential to make a huge difference in your day-to-day life.

Some the most popular reports among CRI Genetics customers are in the metabolism and weight loss categories. These sections can show you how your body gains and stores fat, help you manage emotional eating and cravings, and can even give you DNA-based diet recommendations.

The weight loss category is a great way to say goodbye to one-size-fits-all fad diets and finally have a personalized diet plan that works for you.

You can even take your CRI Genetics health reports to your doctor or a medical professional. The more information doctors have about you, the better they’re able to take care of you. Your genetic insights may give them an edge on providing you care.

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