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Discover up to 100,000 Years of YOUR Family Story

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Get the most detailed, accurate ancestry test on the market

Trace your family back up to 50+ Generations--10X as far as the competition!


Every Ancestry Order Includes:

  • Recent Ancestry Report Brings You 5-7 Generations of Your Family History, Confirming Your Recent Heritage
  • Reinvent the Way You See Yourself with the Ancient Ancestry Report, Bringing you 1000+ Years of Your Family History
  • Our Advanced Ancestry Timeline takes you back up to 50+ Generations, to find out WHEN and WHERE your ancestors are from

Access the 100X Secret of Mitochondrial DNA

Enjoy Health, Fitness, and Longevity with 100+
Useful Health Reports!

Plus 3 Exclusive 100X Ancestry Bonuses - Only included here

  • mtDNA - Maternal Ancestry Report traces your mother's ancestry 100,000+ Years--all the way back to mt-Eve!
  • Famous People Report shows you Ancient Royalty and Famous Celebrities you are related to or descended from
  • 100+ Health Reports help you live a healthy, fulfilling life well into your golden years--with reports on vitamin intake needs, exercise and metabolism, your ideal diet, and allergies.

Results In 8 Weeks Or Your Money Back. Guaranteed.

The 100X Ancestry Test: 6 DNA Tests for the Price of 1

527,414 Markers Analyzed
Exclusive Offer Directly From CRI Genetics

Payments Accepted:
Cost to buy all reports separately

$800 - $1200

100x Ancestry Exclusive Offer



Ancestry Bundle - Every CRI Ancestry Order Includes 3 Detailed Reports

Advanced BioGeographical Ancestry Report

Discover the Ancient Origins of your DNA as our advanced algorithm explores the oldest depths of your family history


Recent Ancestry Analysis

Reveal your most recent family stories. This should confirm what you already know about your Ancestry while adding a few surprises.


Ancestry Timeline Report

Get an estimated year in history when each Ancestry entered your family line. This will help fill in missing pieces of your family tree.


100x Ancestry Exclusive Bonuses - Plus 3 Tests Only Included Here

mtDNA - Maternal Ancestry Report

Trace your mother's ancestry back to the beginning of humankind--over 100,000 years--with this specialized report. This is the "100X trick" that allowed Wayne to trace his American ancestry back over 17,000 years

$199 - $499

Famous People Report

Discover what living celebrities, royalty, and famous historical figures you may be related to with this exclusive bonus report.


100+ Health Reports

100+ health and wellness reports give you daily vitamin routines, diet and exercise plans, allergies, and even what traits you've inherited. Everything you need for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

$199 - $299

Other Features

World-Class Customer Support

Our customer care team is ready to answer questions before, during, AND after you take your DNA test. Call, email, or tap on the chat button anytime!


8-Week Efficiency Guarantee

We’re proud to offer the only money-back guarantee in the industry. You get your reports fast or you get your money back.


Reliable Privacy & Security

Your information is separated from your DNA, encrypted, and stored in a server. We will never share your info without your explicit permission, ever.

Exclusive Offer Directly From CRI Genetics

Payments Accepted:
Cost to buy all reports separately

$800 - $1200

100x Ancestry Exclusive Offer



Your Journey of Self-Discovery Begins Here


DNA Testing With CRI Genetics Brings You Closer To Your Roots

Knowing your background gives you a deeper connection to all the corners of the world that your ancestors come from. We can help you confirm some things you already knew, and uncover some hidden surprises too.

Get A Detailed, Accurate Breakdown Of Your Heritage.

Our reports give you the level of detail you deserve. We cover a wide variety of ancestries, including Jewish heritage and Full Breakdowns of European, Asian, and African ancestries.

Learn More About Who You Are With Dual Ancestry Reports

One report shows you a breakdown of the most recent ancestries in your family history.

The other goes back much farther to show you the Ancient Origins of your DNA.

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Three Simple Steps To Ancestry DNA Testing

All From The Comfort Of Your Home.

1. Order

Begin your journey by ordering a DNA sample collection kit. Your kit will be delivered within 3 to 5 days of your purchase.

2. Swab and Ship

Your kit will come with detailed instructions. Collect your DNA sample and mail your sample back to us in a pre-paid package.

3. Explore

You will receive an email 6-8 weeks later letting you know that your reports are ready. Log into your account and explore.

8-Week Guarantee

  • 8-Week Efficiency Guarantee – The lab process of examining DNA can be very time-consuming, especially if there are several customer samples coming in at once. At CRI Genetics, we offer a unique “Efficiency Guarantee” to ensure that you’re protected from delays. If we can’t get your reports ready within 8 weeks of receiving your DNA, you get your money back. This doesn’t happen often, but if it happens to you, we don’t want you to pay for your reports!(most get done within 4 weeks once received at the lab)
  • Your information is secure – The moment we receive your DNA sample, we separate all personal information from it and encrypt ALL data. From that moment forward, we only know your DNA through a random serial number on your DNA collection kit. We do not share your information without your explicit consent, and we take extra steps to help protect against security breaches.
  • We’re very confident you will be satisfied.
CRI Genetics Guarantee

About Us


Our mission at CRI Genetics (Cellular Research Institute, Genetics Department) is to unlock complex information from your DNA and present it to you in a way that’s interesting, useful, and easy to understand. We want to help you learn more about yourself and find ways to improve your life through genetic testing.

Our primary goal is to improve human life and further Mankind’s understanding of the human genome. Not only do we provide advanced genetic reports to consumers, but we also actively participate in scientific research. We believe genetic analysis is the future of medicine and we’re excited to play a role in solving complex medical problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the 100X Ancestry Test Different from a regular DNA Test?

We're glad you asked. The 100X Ancestry Test is an exclusive bundle of advanced ancestry tests not available on CRI’s main website. If each of the reports were sold to you separately, even with CRI’s competitive pricing, the 100X Ancestry Test with all of its bonuses would still run you $400 or more—all the way up to 799-1200 with the other guys.

You’ve found the most advanced ancestry test on the market, with the greatest possible value packed into every step. No other test gives you mtDNA, health and wellness, AND dual ancestry reports, as well as the most detailed ancestry timeline in the industry. The 100X Ancestry Test is something you simply won’t find anywhere else. For the combined value provided, it's unbeatable.

Why Choose CRI Genetics?

CRI Genetics is an advanced team of Geneticists, Anthropologists, and Social Scientists. We are passionate about providing our customers with the most accurate (and interesting!) DNA-based reports.

We use DNA analysis algorithms designed by renowned Molecular Geneticist Alexei Fedorov, who was apprentice to Nobel Prize winning scientist Walter Gilbert at Harvard University. Alexei’s algorithm uses 527,414 hand-chosen genetic markers. Simply put, the genetic expertise at CRI Genetics is unmatched anywhere else in the business…

That means that you get fascinating Ancestry reports and useful Health reports that are not just detailed, but are also extraordinarily accurate. We’re very confident you will love every step of the process at CRI Genetics.

How Does The 8 Week Efficiency Guarantee Work?

We’re glad you asked! We are one of the only DNA testing companies that offer any kind of money-back guarantee. We guarantee to deliver your genetic reports in fewer than 8 weeks.

Those 8 weeks begin the day that our lab receives your DNA sample, provided your DNA passes quality analysis.

Your DNA passes quality analysis based on these factors:

-Is there enough DNA in your sample to complete extraction and analysis?

-Will our software be able to read the DNA once it's extracted? Has the DNA been damaged at all during shipping?

-If we run into any issues, we will let you know right away. We will gladly issue you a new kit free of charge if we need to.

Do I need to take 6 different ancestry tests to get my results?

No! Due to the advanced nature of Alexei’s system, all of the reports you receive with the 100X Ancestry Test can be achieved with one simple cheek swab. No skin pricks, and no going back and forth with our laboratory. ONE simple test gives you all of the results listed above.

What makes CRI different from other ancestry companies?

CRI is the only DNA testing company led and founded by a professional geneticist. Alexei Fedorov, PhD has 35 years of experience, trained at Harvard, and wrote a landmark paper with Nobel prizewinner Walter Gilbert.

CRI is also privately owned, meaning they won’t sell your DNA to big pharma and the government. They keep your data 100% private and secure—because they answer to you, the customer.

What are your shipping policies?

-All orders are shipped by USPS from our US warehouse, and should arrive in 3-5 calendar days.

-You will receive a tracking number in your email when your order is shipped, usually within 24 hours of your initial order.

-All orders can be cancelled up until you get your results. If at any time you decide you don’t want your kit, feel free to contact our customer service team to cancel your order for a full refund.

-After we receive your kit, your 8-week guarantee automatically starts. If we don’t get you your results within 8 weeks or less, you don’t pay!

How do I track the progress of my kit?

-You will receive a tracking number from USPS in your email, within 24 hours of your order.

-Our lab will update you when they receive your kit, as well as with each step along the way of DNA analysis. In all, you should receive 7-8 updates over the course of your DNA journey, right up to the moment you receive your results!

Where is my barcode?

Your kit number is located at the side of your box just below the barcode. The kit number contains 2 letters followed by 6 numbers.

CRI Genetics box How Can I Contact Customer Service?

If you have any additional questions that cannot be answered here, or if you prefer to place your order over the phone rather than online, feel free to give us a call at: 1-800-571-9216.

We’re also available by email at: Support@CRIGenetics.com.