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About Us

Cellular Research Institute, Pharmacogenomics Department

Our mission at CRI Genetics PGx is to unlock complex information from DNA and make it useful to medical professionals trying to help their patients. There are a treasure trove of secrets hidden in human genetic code that can help reduce “trial & error” healthcare. These secrets include drug-gene interactions and potential predispositions, so healthcare providers know what to expect when diagnosing and treating their patients. Our goal is to make jobs easier for healthcare providers and make lives better for their patients.

Not only do we provide advanced genetic reports to individuals, but we actively participate in scientific research. We believe genetic analysis is the future of medicine and we’re excited to play a role in solving complex medical problems.

Chief Scientific Officer

CRI Genetics (Cellular Research Institute, Genetics Department) is led by Alexei Fedorov Ph.D., a molecular geneticist with over 35 years of experience studying DNA. A former apprentice to Nobel Prize winning scientist Walter Gilbert, Alexei has created a patented DNA analysis algorithm using the latest breakthroughs in genetic science. His lifetime goal has been to advance Mankind’s understanding of the human genome into new frontiers.