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Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how inheritable genetic differences in individuals can affect how they react to medications and treatments. Every person is different and may metabolize, absorb, and respond to treatments in individual ways that are determined by their DNA. PGx is meant to be a tool for doctors to reference in treating patients that allows them to have an idea as to how a patient may metabolize, absorb, and respond to particular treatments. The goal is to reduce trial and error and improve patient care overall.

A CRI Genetics PGx test panel will help your doctor determine whether you are at greater risk for side effects or if you may benefit more/less from a particular medication. Your doctor will find the right treatment for you much faster than the traditional “trial & error” methods of diagnosis and treatment.

A CRI Genetics PGx test panel will provide actionable data for 322 drugs and over 60 genes. The information within will include potential disease risks, likely metabolism for medications, and drug-gene interaction risks.

Any patient who may begin treatment with one of the 322 medications in our panel. Alternatively, if you have a patient who is struggling to achieve the desired result from multiple “trial and error” attempts at treatment, that is a perfect patient for a CRI Genetics PGx test panel.

Your doctor will have access to your reports within 3-4 weeks from the time when our lab receives your DNA sample. Results will be viewable (and printable) within a simple, secure online portal.