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  • 527,414 genetic markers analyzed for a much deeper understanding of your filiation
  • Our proprietary analysis reveals your genetic relatedness to the 0.01%
  • Private and discreet at-home paternity test for ultimate confidentiality
  • Algorithm created by Dr. Fedorov, PhD., with 35+ years’ experience in genetics
  • Analyzed In CLIA-Certified US Labs using Next-Generation Sequencing
  • CRI’s top-rated customer service team provides helpful support for any questions you may have along the way

Results in 8 Weeks or your money back. Guaranteed.

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Paternity kits
2 Paternity Kits + Analysis

  • 2 at-home paternity DNA kits
  • 99.99% accuracy for complete of peace of mind
  • Your genetic relatedness score to the .01%
  • Certificate of Filiation detailing final results
  • FREE Bonus Reports: Ancestry + Traits Bundle

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The Most In-depth Paternity Test Compared to Competitor

527,414 Genetic Markers Checked

Detailed Genetic Relatedness Results

Confirm Any Relationship,
Know Your Filiation

  • Your Certificate of Filiation provides results that are 99.99% accurate so you can have complete peace of mind
  • Get a genetic relatedness score that determines paternity or how the subjects are related
  • Determine the relationship between any 2 people with 2 kits—flat pricing with no hidden fees

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Assay

More Genetic Markers,
More In-Depth Analysis

  • 527,414 genetic markers analyzed for an even deeper understanding of the paternity in question
  • Get the most in-depth analysis with our custom Illumina chip, which gives the most detailed relatedness results
  • Next Generation Sequencing is much newer technology than traditional PCR testing


The Treasures Of Your Ancestors
Are In Your DNA

  • Your Ancestry Timeline Report adds context to your Dual Ancestry results, detailing your past up to 50 generations back
  • Your Recent and Advanced Ancestry Reports offer detailed and in-depth results about your ancestry breakdown
  • 15 personalized Trait Reports reveal the unique characteristics powered by your own genes

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Get the Paternity Answers You Need

Wondering if you’re the father of a child? Unsure who your biological father is? Maybe you simply want to check the paternity of your child? Whatever your reason, a CRI Genetics paternity test can help give you answers for personal knowledge or peace of mind.

You can easily take our DNA paternity test at home. First, collect your DNA sample and then send it into the lab where we’ll perform the test. Since the collection is performed and submitted by you at home, the results are not court-admissible.

Peace of Mind from the Comfort of Home

Everyone’s situation is unique and different. CRI Genetics is here to help give you the answers you want, all from the comfort of your own home.

At-Home DNA Tests we offer:

  • Paternity
  • Grandparents
  • Siblings
  • Twins
  • Parent-Child
  • Uncle
  • Aunt
  • Cousin

Three Simple Steps To Paternity DNA Testing

All from the comfort of your home.

1. Order

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Begin your journey by ordering a DNA test kit. Your kit will be delivered to your home within 3 to 5 days of purchase.

2. Swab & Ship

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Your DNA kit will come with detailed instructions. Collect your DNA samples and mail them back to us in the pre-paid package.

3. Explore

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You will receive an email 6-8 weeks later letting you know that your reports are ready. Log into your account and explore.

Here’s a little Sneak Peek of what your results might look like…

CRI Genetics Ancestry Report

8-Week Guarantee

  • 8-Week Efficiency Guarantee – The lab process of examining DNA can be very time-consuming, especially if there are several customer samples coming in at once. At CRI Genetics, we offer a unique “Efficiency Guarantee” to ensure that you’re protected from delays. If we can’t get your reports ready within 8 weeks of receiving your DNA, you get your money back. This doesn’t happen often, but if it happens to you, we don’t want you to pay for your reports!(most get done within 4 weeks once received at the lab)
  • Your information is secure – The moment we receive your DNA sample, we separate all personal information from it and encrypt ALL data. From that moment forward, we only know your DNA through a random serial number on your DNA collection kit. We do not share your information without your explicit consent, and we take extra steps to help protect against security breaches.
  • We’re very confident you will be satisfied.
CRI Genetics Guarantee

About Us

Alexi Fedorov

Our mission at CRI Genetics (Cellular Research Institute, Genetics Department) is to unlock complex information from your DNA and present it to you in a way that’s interesting, useful, and easy to understand. We want to help you learn more about yourself and find ways to improve your life through genetic testing.

Our primary goal is to improve human life and further mankind’s understanding of the human genome. Not only do we provide advanced genetic reports to consumers, but we also actively participate in scientific research. We believe genetic analysis is the future of medicine and we’re excited to play a role in solving complex medical problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

A paternity test is a scientific test comparing the DNA of a child and his/her alleged relative, typically the alleged father. CRI Paternity test can determine with 99.99% accuracy whether you are the biological father or not. The same works with an alleged mother or any other family member.

CRI Paternity is a branch of CRI Genetics. Our researchers are renowned and internationally published Geneticists, Anthropologists, and Social Scientists. They’ve combined their expertise to give you a highly accurate paternity analysis. When you choose CRI Paternity DNA tests, you choose expertise and accuracy. Our results come with the guarantee of quality and peace of mind.

We hold a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) certification that regulates our laboratory testing and allows us to accept human samples for diagnostic testing. In the laboratory, CLIA quality assurance involves the entire testing process: pre-analytical, analytical (testing), and post-analytical processes.

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Alexei Fedorov, Ph. D., is an acclaimed geneticist. He published over 40 scientific articles in International Science Magazines and has made it a lifetime goal to progress Mankind’s understanding of the human genome into new frontiers. The papers he has written have been cited hundreds of times.

For more information on Alexei Fedorov Ph. D., check our About Page.

Though verifying the relationship between an alleged father and child is most common, CRI Paternity can verify the relationship between ANY alleged relatives (mother, siblings, grand-parents, etc). The more family members tested, the more accurate your results. CRI Paternity DNA tests can be used regardless of the sex or the alleged relationship.

Click Order Now below to complete the basic information needed to process your order and ship your collection kit. You will need the following key information:

  • Names of all the persons to be tested
  • Current contact information for all parties involved
  • An email address to create your online profile
  • A valid mode of payment

Our team of specialist will compare 527,414 genetic markers between your sample and every sample you will provide us to give you COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND. You can expect your results within 6-8 weeks from your order.

Some DNA testing companies offer paternity results within less than 5 days, we offer the MOST ACCURATE results, and that needs a bit more time. With our results, no more guessing. You will be sure of your filiation. Or non-filiation.

CRI Paternity collects the samples via cheek swabs.

You will receive 2 buccal swabs per person tested. Gently rub 1 swab on the inside of your cheek to gather cells (15-20 seconds), detach its tip into the matching vial before repeating the operation with your other cheek. Then enclose both vials in the matching sample collection bag (make sure all the barcodes match).

Are Buccal Swabs As Accurate As Blood Samples?

Buccal swabs and blood samples provide results with the same degree of accuracy. We chose buccal swabs for our Paternity DNA tests because they are the easiest and less invasive way to collect your DNA.

Once your results are ready, we will send you an email asking you to log in your online portal. You can also check the status of your analysis anytime you want.

DNA paternity testing is considered a non-medical test. Thus, it is usually not covered by health insurance plans, but you can always try contacting your insurance provider to find out.

Please visit our FAQ page.

Get Our Free Guide on 3 Essential Tips

To Know Before Buying a Paternity Test