Pre-test questions.

A paternity test is a scientific test comparing the DNA of a child and his/her alleged relative, typically the alleged father. CRI Paternity test can determine with 99.99% accuracy whether you are the biological father or not. The same works with an alleged mother or any other family member.

CRI Paternity is a branch of CRI Genetics. Our researchers are renowned and internationally published Geneticists, Anthropologists, and Social Scientists. They’ve combined their expertise to give you a highly accurate paternity analysis. When you choose CRI Paternity DNA tests, you choose expertise and accuracy. Our results come with the guarantee of quality and peace of mind.

We hold a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) certification that regulates our laboratory testing and allows us to accept human samples for diagnostic testing. In the laboratory, CLIA quality assurance involves the entire testing process: pre-analytical, analytical (testing), and post-analytical processes.

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Alexei Fedorov, Ph. D., is an acclaimed geneticist. He published over 40 scientific articles in International Science Magazines and has made it a lifetime goal to progress Mankind’s understanding of the human genome into new frontiers. The papers he has written have been cited hundreds of times.

For more information on Alexei Fedorov Ph. D., check our About Page.

You want to determine the familial relationship of a child with another relative, but you are not involved in a court matter. You can use a “non-legal test” like CRI’s Paternity test.

Unfortunately, these at-home kits will not be admissible for legal purposes because the samples collection does not follow the legal chain of custody protocols needed for a legal test. However, the CRI Paternity test can still provide peace of mind during uncertain times.

No. Anyone can take a Paternity DNA Test, regardless of the reason, except for New York residents.

In New York, Paternity DNA tests require an authorization—usually from a doctor or lawyer—and the collection process must be witnessed by a ‘disinterested third-party’—the Collector. This collection process is the same one used for court-admissible legal paternity testing in other states.

Each kit has several reference numbers: the serial number (regroups all the kits under one main user) and the individual kit number (1 per person tested). Thus, we can easily split them without disturbing your results in any way, as all your samples will still be tested together.

Let us know that you need split kits and where we should mail them before you check out and we will be happy to split your kits for you.

Though verifying the relationship between an alleged father and child is most common, CRI Paternity can verify the relationship between ANY alleged relatives (mother, siblings, grand-parents, etc). The more family members tested, the more accurate your results. CRI Paternity DNA tests can be used regardless of the sex or the alleged relationship.

If two or more related men are possible fathers of a child, we highly recommend testing both possible fathers. If this is not possible, CRI Paternity will be able to determine if there is relationship and to which degree—biological father, uncle, …

Because we test your DNA on live cells, we cannot test a father post-mortem. However, if we tested the alleged father before he passed, and if he requested for us to store his samples, or if we receive samples from his biological relatives—parents, siblings—we can determine filiation.

II. Test Setup & Processing.

CRI Paternity collects the samples via cheek swabs.

You will receive 2 buccal swabs per person tested. Gently rub 1 swab on the inside of your cheek to gather cells (15-20 seconds), detach its tip into the matching vial before repeating the operation with your other cheek. Then enclose both vials in the matching sample collection bag (make sure all the barcodes match).

After each participant used both swabs, placed them in the corresponding sample collection bags provided, and all the sample collection bags are sealed, put them back inside the prepaid CRI Paternity box included and mail them to our lab.

Are Buccal Swabs As Accurate As Blood Samples?

Buccal swabs and blood samples provide results with the same degree of accuracy. We chose buccal swabs for our Paternity DNA tests because they are the easiest and less invasive way to collect your DNA.

Cheek swabs are convenient and safe for participants of any age, including infants, even right after a baby is born. All it takes is a gentle swab on the inside of the cheek.

An OBGYN can also do a prenatal paternity test, but it is done in hospitals, not dealt with an at-home test.

Food consumption does not affect your DNA but could contaminate the buccal swab used for DNA sample collection. Food residue left in the mouth may contaminate the swab and inhibit the extraction of DNA from the swab. If you have eaten recently, rinse out your mouth with clear water for a few seconds before you take the test.

Yes. Two swabs for each person usually provides enough DNA for us to complete the analysis, and reduces the need for additional samples in the event that one sample is contaminated. Be sure to follow all kit instructions carefully.

Click Order Now below to complete the basic information needed to process your order and ship your collection kit. You will need the following key information:

  • Names of all the persons to be tested
  • Current contact information for all parties involved
  • An email address to create your online profile
  • A valid mode of payment

III. Test Results.

Once your results are ready, we will send you an email asking you to log in your online portal. You can also check the status of your analysis anytime you want.

Following paternity testing guidelines, paternity results show whether the possible father:

  • IS EXCLUDED as the biological father (0.00%): he cannot be the father because the analysis shows that they do not share a paternal relationship.
  • IS NOT EXCLUDED (99.99% or greater): he is considered to be the father because the analysis shows that they share a paternal relationship.

CRI Paternity and CRI Genetics keep your personal information separated from your genetic information, and do not share any personal information with any 3d party companies. Once you receive your results, you can decide what you want to do with them.

If you worry about specific conditions, we recommend you consult a specialist that could eventually diagnose you.

No. Age and drug consumption do not affect the results. You inherited your DNA during conception, it does not change over time, regardless of your physical or health condition.

If someone tampers with a swab, it will be discovered in our lab as a contaminated sample. CRI Paternity uses many controls to prevent tampering from affecting your results. We inspect the box for tampering as soon as we receive it. Then we check each sample for gender and multiple profiles. Only authorized scientists are allowed in the testing area, or to handle your samples. Working within the US allows perfect control on our analysis process anytime.

Yet, if we suspect that your sample was tampered, we will request a new collection.

IV. Billing, Payment & Other Questions.

Your privacy and security are important to us. Entry into our DNA testing facility is by restricted access only. All samples are bar-coded and all computer systems are secured. Results and case information are only shared with authorized individuals: you only.

For your protection as well as other tested parties’, our Customer Service requires password authentication and other case-specific information before they can help you. Thus, they will never release results over the phone.

DNA, once extracted from a biological sample, is very stable. It can be stored for decades without compromise. You can decide if you want us to retain all your samples and DNA profiles for future use. We can also destroy them for you once you receive your results, or any time after.

A person’s DNA profile does not change over time. Thus, you won’t need to update your profile, nor to repeat the test in the future, should you decide to have your samples saved.

CRI Paternity’s fee includes your at-home kits, shipment of the samples from your home to our DNA laboratory, DNA analysis, the generation of written reports and your personal online profile, as well as any later update. Our customer service will also gladly answer any of your questions. Simply give us a call at +1-800-571-9216 or email us at support@cripaternity.com for a quick and courteous answer.

DNA paternity testing is considered a non-medical test. Thus, it is usually not covered by health insurance plans, but you can always try contacting your insurance provider to find out.

Our team of specialist will compare 642,824 genetic markers between your sample and every sample you will provide us to give you COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND. You can expect your results within 6-8 weeks from your order.

Some DNA testing companies offer paternity results within less than 5 days, we offer the MOST ACCURATE results, and that needs a bit more time. With our results, no more guessing. You will be sure of your filiation. Or non-filiation.

When a baby is born to an unmarried woman, the hospital must give the mother and father (if he is there) the chance to sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity form. This is a written statement naming the father of the child. No DNA test is required to sign that paper, though you might want one for personal reasons.

If you encounter any issue with your online profile or else, you can contact our Customer Service. Our agents will be happy to help you, in English. Simply give us a call at +1-800-571-9216 or email us at support@cripaternity.com for a quick and courteous.

Yes, we do. Our parent company, CRI Genetics, is specialized in Ancestry analysis. Thus, once you signed up for a CRI Paternity DNA test, you can upgrade for any CRI Genetics test anytime, with a discount, without sending us anymore samples.

You can order online or pay over the phone by contacting us at +1-800-571-9216, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-8:00pm ET.

We use an SSL encrypted payment platform and accept any major credit/debit cards, Amex, Discover and PayPal. We process your order as soon as we receive your payment and usually mail your kit(s) within 1 business day. We destroy your payment information immediately after your order is processed.