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  • Jane

    My baby’s dad passed away before he could sign the “Acknowledgment of Paternity.” Once she was born, we tested her against her dad’s parents’ DNA and confirmed their filiation. I know it will give her peace of mind when she’s old enough to understand.

     - Jane

  • Mark

    My wife and I had issues when we got pregnant and I wasn’t never sure I was the dad. CRI Paternity ended my constant questioning assuring me my son and I are related.

     - Mark

  • Dwayne

    My daughter and I never looked alike so, when her mom and I separated, I decided to take a CRI Paternity test. Unfortunately, I ended up not being her biological father. It doesn’t change the way I love her, but it did make me feel better about leaving her mother.

     - Dwayne

  • Marie

    I was adopted and never knew my biological parents. Being a mother myself, I needed to know where I was coming from. I took CRI Genetics Ancestry Test first and learned a lot about my biological family. But I wanted more. I found my biological parents last year. It took me several months to contact them. They were teens when I was conceived and I understand why they put me up for adoption. We all took the CRI Paternity test together, just to be sure we were related. They are my biological parents, our DNAs proved it. I’ll never call them Mom and Dad, but I’m glad we are in each other’s life now.

     - Marie

  • Justin

    My ex and I were never exclusive. After we broke up, she told me she was pregnant with my baby. I didn’t want to believe her without proof. Once the baby was born, we got tested with CRI Paternity. I am not the father and I am extremely happy about it. I wasn’t ready to be a father.

     - Justin

  • Aurora

    My dad cheated on my mom a lot, she always stayed. Both of them passed when I was 19 and I had no other family. I found out recently that my dad had a kid when I was still a child. We met and got tested. We are half-siblings. Even if it hurts to think how my dad treated my mom, I have family and that’s all I ever wanted.

     - Aurora

  • Colin

    When I decided to divorce my wife, she was angry and revengeful. She said I’d never see my son again, that I wasn’t even his dad. The thought hurt so much I decided to get tested. I am his dad, she can’t deny it anymore. I know the CRI paternity test I took can’t make a court case, but if one of the most accurate tests on the market said I’m his dad, I’m confident passing any test she wants. I’m fighting for custody and confident in my chances. Thanks to CRI Paternity, I am at peace.

     - Colin

  • vincent

    I had difficulties bonding with my twins at first. Their mother and I were fighting a lot. I still believe she cheated sometime around the pregnancy, even if she’s always denied it. Twins don’t run in any of our families and I was only one step away from thinking my kids were not actually mine. My brother pushed me to get tested, saying that whatever the results were, knowing with certainty would help me. And he was right. CRI Paternity confirmed that I was my twins’ dad and our relationship changed since then. Being certain I am their dad made me a better father


  • Camron

    My wife and I are African-American but our daughter looked mixed-race from the day she was born. She even has blue eyes when none of us does. I didn’t want to doubt my wife’s fidelity but I didn’t understand how it was possible. She offered to take a family DNA test, so I would be more at ease. Within a few weeks, CRI Paternity confirmed I was my daughter’s biological father. But I was still confused on how she could look so different than us. We went back on the website and saw we could upgrade for Ancestry reports, without taking the test a second time. We did it and now, it make sense. Both my wife and I have some European ancestors. She is 9.2% Irish, I am 11.9% German. Our daughter received both heritage.

     - Cameron