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Over 30 million Americans claim to have Irish Ancestry, or almost 10% of the US population. By comparison, the population of Ireland today is less than 5 million! Could that many Americans really have Irish ancestry?

And how do you find out for sure?


Ryan Murphy always thought he was Irish.

However, his results from a very popular DNA test suggested otherwise.

“My first thought is that this is totally bogus,” Murphy said.

“My family’s from Boston, my grandfather came over on the boat from Cork. Both sides of my family are Irish going back 5 generations, and I know that for a fact.”


However, when Murphy DID take an ancestry test from one of the major DNA testing companies, his results came back different than expected:

  • 25% French
  • 10% Scandinavian
  • 25% English
  • 10% Italian

…and only 30% Irish!

“Saying I’m 30% Irish is like saying a Guinness is 30% Irish,” Murphy continued. “I was super disappointed.”

In fact, Murphy’s results drove a wedge between him and his family. When Murphy shared the results with his brother, he began digging deeper into their family records.

“Maybe Mom lied to us, he was thinking,” Murphy added. “Maybe we really came from Berlin or London. I couldn’t stand the idea.”


That’s when Murphy heard about a new DNA test. It was supposed to break down your ancestry more accurately and with more detail than any other test before it. This includes dual ancestry—which shows both your recent and ancient ancestry.

Better than that, it included an ancestry timeline that breaks down 50+ generations of family history, including where and when each ancestor got there. The timeline went back 5-10X as far as the leading competitor.

The test Ryan took included a detailed timeline going back 50+ generations, which shows you when and where each ancestor is from.

“The test was super easy,” Murphy said. “Just swab, ship, and send.”

Once Murphy got his results back, the pieces began to fall into place.


The good news: Murphy’s recent ancestry results showed nearly 100% Irish ancestry. This made sense in context with what Ryan knew about his past 5 generations of family research.

“It was a huge relief,” Ryan said. “I knew the results on that first test were iffy.”

The surprises came in the ancient ancestry and timeline results.

These results showed Western European, Scandinavian, and Italian ancestry as well…

But it also showed when and where that ancestry came from.

“In reading my reports, I found out that Vikings actually came to Ireland 1,000 years ago. They raided up and down the coast, so it makes sense that that’s where the Scandinavian ancestry came from.

The Italian Ancestry? Some 1500 years ago, when the UK was conquered by the Romans.

The combination made sense when Murphy learned about Ireland’s ancient history.

“And those results squared with the timeline, too,” he said. “Vikings, Romans, and Germanic tribes all got mixed up in Ireland at some point.”


----Ryan’s DNA results confirmed what he knew, but also contained some ancient ancestry surprises!-----


Overall, it was a more complete ancestry package, with more complete results, and a sense of understanding for Murphy and his family.

“It made me feel a lot more secure in knowing where I came from,” Murphy said, “but also helped me learn more about what it really means to be Irish!”

Even though the tests traced some of the same ancestry, Murphy was far happier with the results offered by the second test, thanks to its increased level of detail, and the fact that it offered Recent Ancestry, Ancient Ancestry, and an Ancestry Timeline.

“You can’t beat it,” Murphy said. “It’s like getting 3 DNA tests for the price of 1!”


Like Ryan, for many of us, that question can be hard to answer.

We get a different answer from mom and dad, and far more when you begin tracing grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-greats. Pretty soon you’ve got 16, 32, 64 stories to keep track of…and no way of knowing how accurate each one is.

Ancestry records can certainly help part of the way. They’re great for recent history—spotting the moment your grandfather came over on Ellis Island, or looking up the marriage records of your great-grandparents from the Old Country. But these records mostly just confirm what you already knew…

The DNA market is projected to double in 2021--for the fifth year in a row.


While Ryan’s story is incredible, it’s hardly unique: 30 Million Americans have already taken a DNA test, with that number expected to DOUBLE in 2021. While everyone has different reasons for taking one, some similarities appear.

The top benefits include:

    The top benefits include:

  • Finding Out WHO You Are and WHERE You’re From
  • Discovering New Ancestors
  • Verifying Family History
  • Testing for Health, Allergies and Weight Loss
  • Feeling Connected to Your Past—and Future.


The test Ryan took, CRI Genetics, has been featured in publications like Forbes, USA Today, and Woman’s Day, with hundreds of thousands of happy users worldwide. It’s easy to see why: the discoveries you can make with CRI are irresistible, and CRI’s test provides far more information than competitors.

Not only that, but CRI is led by an award-winning, Harvard trained Geneticist, Dr. Alexei Fedorov, who proved a Nobel Prize-winning theory on genetic inheritance.

Finally, CRI is 100% privately owned, meaning they don’t provide data to pharma companies or the government, like certain competitors.

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