"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." -- Aristotle
Get To Know Yourself Better Than Ever Before With The CRI Genetics Health Report Bundle

Learn More About Your Unique Traits, Health, And Nutritional Needs


  • Learn even MORE about your ancestral heritage
  • Find out what genetic traits make you the Unique Individual you are today
  • Get Life-Changing Information about how your body works that will help you attain Peak Health
  • 250+ New Genetic Reports over the next 2 years (Subscription Only)
  • Your Account Automatically Updated with the latest scientific advancements in genetic research (Subscription Only)
  • Cancel anytime, no questions asked


$159 Current Reports 60+ Genetic Reports within 48 Hours
All Current Reports Available


$199 Yearly VIP List Subscription 60+ Genetic Reports within 48 Hours
ALL Future Reports Automatically Added To Your Account
**Renews Yearly on Same Date--Cancel Anytime


I'm glad you liked your ancestry reports...

...And I'm happy to tell you that there's so much more for you to learn about yourself.

There are more than 60 unique genetic insights waiting to be unlocked on your account

They'll show you more details about your individual reports than you ever thought possible...

Not only will you get general information about your. metabolism, disease risks, and caffeine sensitivity, you will even get specific advice you can USE to live the healthiest, most fulfilling life possible!

ALL this and MORE at the absolute best value on the market...

I guarantee it.

Each of these reports is valued at $50 or more on their own...

You can unlock them ALL at once at a savings of over $3,000.

That's a HUGE discount of up to 98% OFF!

Here’s a Sneak Peak of the reports you get within 48 hours of subscribing…

See fully detailed sample Omega 3 report below:

  • Omega-3 Need Report – Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of nutrient that support your brain and heart health. Believe it or not, your genes may tell us whether you have a raised need for Omega-3’s—with a recommendation to help boost your Omega-3 intake!
  • Allergy Reports – You may already know if you have a major allergy, but many people struggle with minor problems like unexplainable skin rashes or abdominal pain without knowing that they are genetically more sensitive to certain types of allergens. We’ll help you find out
  • Milk Digestion Report – Some people lose the ability to digest the lactose in dairy products as an adult. This ability is determined by your DNA! If you’re trying to life a healthy lifestyle or struggle with any sort of digestive issues, this report is a MUST READ.
  • Weight Loss Blueprint – There are many genetic factors that influence how your body gains and loses weight, including how your body stores fat and what the most effective diet would be for someone with your genes. We’ll give you an easy-to-follow road map that will help you hit your weight loss goals!
  • Ear Wax Report – What type of ear wax do you have? What does it mean in your day to day life? When you read this unique genetic report, you’ll be surprised by how much of an impact something as simple as ear wax can have.
  • Taste Reports – Are there certain flavors you can’t taste? You likely know if you can taste a certain flavor, but you might not be aware of how that taste affects your health. If you can’t taste a certain flavor, you may have been living your whole life not knowing that you were missing out! Some flavors are better off going untasted anyway…
  • Body Odor Report – Believe it or not, there are genes that influence the type of body odor you have. Some people have NO body odor at all! You probably already know if you have body odor—My new report will tell you what your DNA says about it, along with some fun facts and surprising benefits you may not have known before!
  • Food Cravings Report – Some people experience food cravings more than others. These food cravings are the result of how satisfied a person feels after a meal. This is a sensation controlled by—you guessed it—your genes. I’ll tell you how prone you might be to food cravings and hopefully help you figure out how to cope with them.
  • Caffeine Reports – I’ll tell you what your DNA says about how much caffeine you consume, how well your body processes it, and what it effects it may be having in your every day life. ALL of this useful information will be contained in 3 separate reports.

This is just the beginning…

There’s so much more to come…

I’m very excited for you to be a part of it…

If you join the VIP List, you can expect AT LEAST one report like the ones listed above EVERY MONTH.

…And if I ever go more than 2 months without releasing a report?

You get your money back.

So hop in and enjoy the ride…


$159 Current Reports 60+ Genetic Reports within 48 Hours
All Current Reports Available


$199 Yearly VIP List Subscription 60+ Genetic Reports within 48 Hours
ALL Future Reports Automatically Added To Your Account
**Renews Yearly on Same Date--Cancel Anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you get 60+ new genetic reports within 48 hours of your purchase! If you join the VIP List, you will be the first to know about every new report AND you will be the first to have access to them.

Most of these new reports will need to be purchased separately by non-subscribers, but YOU will have them automatically uploaded to your account WITHOUT having to purchase them.

Here are the reports you can expect to get…

  • 10 Basic Health & Wellness Reports - Details on how you sleep, caffeine sensitivity, hormone levels, and more.
  • 14 Nutrition Reports - We'll show you how well your body absorbs various vitamins & nutrients and what deficiencies you may be susceptible to.
  • 7 Metabolism Reports - These are a sort of "Weight Loss Blueprint" with DNA-based weight loss and diet recommendations.
  • 13 Allergy Reports - Anything seem to bug you and you're not sure what it is? Your DNA may hold the secrets.
  • 19 Unique Trait Reports - Just interesting things your DNA says about YOU. May be some things you already knew, may be some surprises, and there may be some quirky things about you that will FINALLY make sense when you find out how your DNA is involved.

On top of all these new reports, we will continue to update ALL of your existing reports as brand new research becomes available.

This special CRI Genetics subscription service is ONLY available to existing customers like you.

In short: time. Every time a customer purchases a new report as it becomes available, their DNA has to be fully reanalyzed for the new report. When I’ve done this in the past, it took a total of 544 man-hours to fully update every user account—and that was with a customer base that was less than half the size of what it is now!

As the CRI Genetics customer base continues to expand, it will only take longer and longer.

If I take that much time for each new report, then progress here will be MUCH slower than anyone would like—and I take pride in getting things done FAST (and exciting for you)!

I don’t want you to have to wait 2 months for every new report. I want you to only have to wait 1-2 weeks for each new report! That’s what this VIP subscriber list will do for you.

You can expect at least one new report per month. If I ever go more than 2 months without getting you a new report, you get your money back. That’s my Guarantee.

Absolutely. If you decide that you’re not totally blown away by all the new reports you’re getting, just call customer service at +1-800-571-9216. We will stop billing your card immediately, no questions asked.

I have plans to release 250+ reports over the next 2 years…

Each report will be valued as high as $80…


That is NOT what you will pay for each new report…

You won’t even pay 20% of THAT.

When you subscribe to the CRI Genetics VIP List, you get 43 brand new genetic reports up front…

And then at least 1 new report every other month…

Think about it…

43 brand new reports valued as high as $80 each…

That’s a value of almost $1,440 (which you WON’T pay—not even close!)…

And then 250+ reports over the next 2 years, also valued as high as $80 each…

That’s over $10,000 worth of reports (and again, you won’t pay anything close to that)…

So what WILL you pay for all the benefits that come with a CRI Genetics VIP subscription?

You have 2 options…

  1. You can pay a ONE-TIME charge of $99 for a 1 year subscription to the CRI Genetics VIP List. That’s a discount of 93% OFF the initial 60 reports you get with your purchase! And then you don’t pay a dime for ANY of the new reports that will be coming out over the next year!
  2. OR you can pay a ONE-TIME charge of $199 for a Lifetime Subscription. This is a brand new option that has NEVER been offered to VIP List subscribers before. This option makes it so that you never have to worry about renewing your subscription—AND you get ANY and ALL future reports for FREE.

You’re facing a Win-Win scenario—Either option is an incredible deal!

How does the billing work?

If you purchase a 1 year subscription, your card will be billed exactly 1 year from the day of your initial purchase. If you subscribe October 3rd 2018, you will be billed for another 1 year subscription on October 3rd 2019 unless you decide that you don’t want to renew your subscription.

If you purchase the Lifetime Subscription, you will never be billed for a CRI Genetics report again.

Simply choose from the options listed below or call +1-800-571-9216 to order by phone.