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Your DNA Has a Lot to Say

Your Privacy and Data Security Comes First

Your journey of self-discovery with CRI Genetics involves a great deal of trust in handling sensitive information. There’s nothing more personal than DNA, so privacy and data protection are high priorities at CRI Genetics. We are committed to providing you with a safe and secure environment so you can discover your genetic secrets.

Experience Everything Your DNA Has to Offer. With Confidence.

  • You have control over how we use your personal data. CRI Genetics works to provide proper security protocols at each step of your journey. We implement multiple measures to help prevent unauthorized access to any of your information.
  • We strive to give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your personal information and DNA. We keep current with the latest data protection techniques and standards.
  • We don’t look at security in a vacuum. We implement it in all areas of the company and in compliance with all laws and regulations. This way, all of your sensitive information, such as your personal and genetic data, is strongly protected.
  • Our customers demand and expect thorough protection of their personal and genetic data, and that’s what we deliver. Security is weaved into every aspect of the company. It’s part of our culture.

How Does CRI Protect My DNA and Data?

Once you purchase a CRI Genetics testing kit, the DNA kit is mailed directly to you. You create an online account, register the kit, and swab the inside of your mouth to create the physical genetic sample. You will then ship the sample directly to our laboratory where the team will extract the DNA and analyze it. The lab will send your genetic data to us through an encrypted process. We then input the data into our special CRI algorithms and provide you with our test results.

Your genetic sample is never labeled with personally identifiable information, from the time you swab and take your DNA sample, until your results are delivered to you. People at the lab will never see your name. They will only see a kit ID number associated with your DNA testing kit.

As always, your genetic data will be stripped of any personal information or identifiers to protect your privacy. And you can contact Customer Support at any time if you need help.

We will not release any personal information to law enforcement without your explicit consent, unless required by law. To date, we have never shared any customer genetic data with law enforcement or any government entity.

You can delete your CRI account, or have us destroy your physical samples, by simply contacting our Customer Care Team at 1-800-571-9216 (USA), or +44-800-368-8243 (UK), and by email at: You may also send a request to our Customer Care Team to delete your genetic data.

We notify everyone on our email list of any material updates to our privacy policy, so you’re always informed. That is the commitment CRI Genetics makes to you.

What are CRI’s DNA Security Protocols?

Your physical DNA sample is securely placed into a protected environment. After testing is complete, the remaining sample from your test is stored in a temperature-controlled, locked facility with 24-hour monitoring and limited access. The laboratory destroys all physical samples every six months. Our lab holds CLIA certification and CAP accreditation — industry gold standards that ensure your data is stored and processed securely and professionally.

All the genetic data from your DNA test is stored in a secure database.  As well as protecting the information from unauthorized access by external parties, we strictly limit access to this secure database from within the company.

We take multiple steps to thwart hackers. This includes encrypting all genetic and personal data from the time your kit is purchased, to when it’s stored, to when results are being transmitted.

We exercise compliance with all applicable laws and regulations around the world that govern digital transactions. All connections to and from our database are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

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Your DNA Has a Lot to Say