3 Ways CRI Genetics is Becoming More Customer-Centric

How is CRI Genetics working to put YOU at the center of our world? Find out here!

When someone asks you to picture the future, do you picture the past as well?

Don’t be silly, you’d say, the future and the past are two very different things.

But… are they?

How does one picture the future without first seeking the experiences, lessons, and knowledge carried over from the past?

They are, in fact, intertwined within the eternal force of time. Here is where your past, present, and future blend together to create your place in history.

Do you know what your dNA and history Have in Common? 

They both have a funny way of repeating themselves.

Just as certain ideas resurface again and again through time, the nucleotides A, C, T, and G, within your DNA repeat over and over to form your genetic identity.

Although your genetic identity can be viewed as your most basic form of self, it also holds more information about you than you can imagine.

To this day, scientists continue to research the complexities of the genetic code.

Your DNA can allow you to uncover secrets you never had access to, from discovering your ancestry and improving your heart health, to achieving your weight loss goals and even alleviating your peskiest allergies.

CRI Genetics is one of the major companies at the forefront of the genetic revolution driving humanity forward. We’re a spaceship taking off for the next frontier… one that exists deep within your cells.

One of the major factors that sets CRI Genetics apart from other genetics companies is our customer-centric mindset. As the field of genetics expands, we try to keep your best interests at the top of our priorities list.

To reiterate, focusing on the future will always involve examining and learning from the past.

That’s why we are releasing a short list of what CRI Genetics has accomplished in the last year and how it will boost the customer-centric ideology we follow for the years to come.

Remember… it’s your DNA. The only person it should be serving is YOU!

3 Ways CRI Genetics is Becoming More Customer-Centric

In the past year, CRI Genetics has moved toward the creation of an open and honest conversation with our customers. As a company that carefully handles information from your DNA, we want to be transparent with you.

Customer first. That is the ultimate direction we’re headed, and we’d love for you to be a part of the journey. Here’s how we have become more customer-centric within the last year alone:

1. Released 36 Health Reports Centered Around Your Health Needs

With the customer’s journey towards self-improvement as the top priority, CRI Genetics released 36 in-depth health reports that go beyond informing the customer. These reports actively work to improve their overall health.

For example, your average health report can tell you that you have a higher likelihood of high blood pressure. However, a CRI Health report will provide you this information as well as actionable and easy-to-follow steps you can take to reduce this likelihood.

Here’s a short list of the top-rated health reports CRI Genetics released in the last year and how they’re oriented towards helping people achieve their health goals:

Salt Taste Sensitivity:

Think you can handle salt better than most people? Well, your genes are a pretty good indicator. The older we get, the more aware we should be of our salt intake, which can be affected by salt taste sensitivity. Thus, knowing your results may allow you to adjust how much salt your body gets. This report allows you to:

                        •                   See how your body handles salt
  •                   Make positive changes in your diet by decreasing your salt intake to lower your blood
      •                        pressure
  •                   Find out how much salt you need on a daily basis and why your body may be pushing you                         to crave saltier foods

      Wound Healing:

One significant factor that affects how quickly your wounds heal is your wound microbiome, which is the presence of microbes in and around your cuts. Specific genetic variants are linked to your wound microbiome and may determine if your wounds take a shorter or longer time to heal. This report allows you to:

                  •                   Discover your body’s wound healing abilities
  •                   Learn all the stages of wound healing
          •                   Prevent your wounds from becoming infected, help them heal faster, and minimize
              •                        scarring with helpful wound care tips

      Bone Density (Osteoporosis):

When someone describes you as dense, it’s usually a bad thing. However, it’s the opposite way around when it comes to your bones! Osteoporosis is a common bone condition that causes the body to lose bone mass or stop producing bone, or both. This results in low bone mass, leading to weak and fragile bones. 

  •                   Learn whether you may be at higher risk for osteoporosis based on your DNA
  •                   Explore the world of bones including how they work and how they’re made
  •                   Reduce bone density loss with simple and easy tips


Supertasters are people whose sense of taste is a lot stronger than normal, leading them to taste certain flavors and foods more intensely. Certain genetic variants can determine whether you may be a supertaster. Being a supertaster comes with some advantages, including finding foods that are high in fat and sugar too extreme. This avoidance of generally unhealthy foods can lead to a naturally healthier diet and body mass index (BMI). This report allows you to:

  •                   Find out if your genes make you a ‘supertaster’
  •                   Probe into the science of taste
  •                   Get tips on boosting your sense of taste as you age



Before you decide to spend the day basking in the sun’s rays, you may want to see what your genes have to say about it! You could save your skin a lot of trouble if you do. Some people may have a heightened risk of photosensitivity, or sensitivity to the sun’s rays. The amount of melanin you have in your skin contributes to its sensitivity to sunlight. Your body may be better at producing this pigment, which comes from the Greek “melas”, meaning “black or dark.” This report allows you to:

  •                   Discover how photosensitive your skin may be
  •                    Learn the best practices for sun protection
  •                   Find out what really happens when you get a tan
  • What should your next steps be if you discover you have a higher chance of developing kidney stones based on your DNA? How can you reduce your food cravings, get better sleep, boost your memory, or improve your sense of taste once you learn these traits about yourself?
  • At CRI Genetics, we bake the answers to these questions into your results because we believe optimizing your health should come first. Learning important health information from your DNA, such as potential allergies, special abilities, and sensitivities to salt, sugar, and certain foods, will not only help complete a total picture of YOU, but allow you to take action as well.


2. Introduced Updated Features to Create a stronger Voice for Customers

One of the best ways to improve the CRI Genetics experience for customers is to listen directly to what you have to say. In the last year, we released multiple surveys to get feedback from customers, so you could actively take part in improving your experience. Your genetics are a major part of who you are, so why not have a say in how they are presented to you?

Additionally, CRI is excited to announce the creation of a Search Bar. This feature can be used to explore various health traits and conditions to see if your genetics can help you with different queries about your health or lifestyle. Bottom line: as a CRI customer, ask and you shall receive!


3. Zeroed in on Boosting Customer Education

Our mission at CRI Genetics has always been to unlock complex information from your DNA and present it to you in a way that’s easy to understand. However, we have also engaged in improving all-around customer education.

What is a gene? What is a genome? How does genetic testing even work? Do you know what happens after you ship your DNA to our lab? And what in the world is a genome wide association study (GWAS)?

In the last year, we have worked diligently to educate our customers on all aspects of DNA testing.We have revamped the CRI blog to make it more engaging and user-friendly. Check it out here to brush up on genetics terminology or find out the latest in the world of DNA.

Additionally, we have created a full library of education videos on YouTube. From DNA kit how-to’s to informational tutorials, you can use this helpful resource to your advantage, even if you aren’t a CRI Genetics customer. However, these videos will soon be available within your CRI portal, so stay tuned! Education is just one of the ways we hope to deliver greater value and turn our focus to you, the customer.

CRI Genetics strives to put our customers first. Using the last year as a learning opportunity will allow us to shape the future, and we’d like to position ourselves to give our customers the best experience possible.

At the end of the day, this is YOUR DNA journey.