Atkins, Mediterranean, or Keto? Ask Your DNA.

You may hear about DNA in the news or in conversations. But what is DNA, really?

We all know that diet and exercise contribute to your weight loss and fitness. But what about your genetics?

While diet and exercise are always major contributing factors, genetics may also prevent some people from losing weight while enabling others to keep it off much more easily—despite comparable levels of physical activity.[1]

Heredity has long been blamed for difficulty with weight loss, or credited for a “fast metabolism.” However, now we know that this claim has some basis in scientific fact. High cholesterol and blood pressure have a hereditary basis as well.[2]

The most intriguing finding, however, is that your ideal diet may be based on some of these and other associated genetic factors. While numerous diets have been peddled over the years, each with varying levels of fat content, research suggests that your ideal diet may depend again on genetics.[3] Specifically, the fat content of your diet may correlate directly to weight loss, depending on which gene group you belong to.

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