How Does Health DNA Testing Work?

You may be familiar with ancestry DNA testing, but what happens when you apply your DNA to the world of health?

Ah, yes… health DNA testing.

You may have caught wind of it from friends or family…

Or it may have graced the screen of your phone or laptop as a news article, perhaps an email 😉.

But how does health DNA testing work?

And could this new genetic frontier truly shake things up in the world of science?

Leading researchers and geneticists seem to think so…

Let’s take a closer look.

You may already be familiar with ancestry DNA testing and how your DNA plays a role in determining your family’s past.

For a quick refresher, ancestry DNA testing allows you to:

          1.  Explore the regions your ancestors came from.
          2.  Learn where your ancestors migrated from and when they moved locations.
          3.  Connect to your past and reinforce your own place in history.

But Health DNA testing?

That’s a different beast entirely!

Health DNA testing opens the doors to a completely different world of DNA-based possibilities.

What is the main purpose of Health DNA testing?

You’re probably already aware that there is a treasure trove of secrets hidden in your genetic code.

While some of these secrets can give you insights into your ancestry, others can help you make decisions that lead to optimal health.

That’s right. Imagine standing face to face with a healthier you.

Who would they be?

Maybe someone a few pounds lighter. Or with whiter teeth. Or, if we must go there, someone without those dark circles under their eyes from lack of sleep.

Apologies if you’re feeling a little attacked.

But we’re also shedding light on the possibilities here.

Through health DNA testing, it’s now possible to see a clearer picture of how your DNA impacts your health.

And now there are ways to use this information to your advantage… so you can refine your daily routine to become a healthier you.

How does health DNA testing work?

Like ancestry DNA testing, health DNA testing starts with your chromosomes, which are basically packages of your DNA.

Each of your chromosomes is full of tiny segments of DNA that vary from person to person.

These tiny segments are called single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs (pronounced “snips”), and they can vary from person to person.

Genetic research has found many connections between variations on certain SNPs and health-related characteristics.

These connections allow scientists the opportunity to make accurate predictions for several aspects of your health.

For example, one SNP may signify that you have a higher likelihood of being allergic to your neighborhood cat, Mr. Fluffy.

While another could tell you that you’re more likely to lose weight on a high fat diet.

While even another may show that you have a higher chance of having perfect pitch, which gives you bragging rights because that basically makes you Mariah Carey.

Health DNA testing connects the scientific research to your unique set of SNPs and produces a TON of information that you can use to your benefit.

This information is usually compiled into easy-to-understand health reports, such as these ones offered by CRI Genetics.

Not only will you get to see how your DNA affects your health, you can also learn about the scientific details behind your results (such as what gene your SNP is located on and what percentage of people share your results).

What’s this so-called “actionable advantage” of health DNA testing?

Glad you asked!

You now know that Health DNA testing can provide details about how your genetics can influence your health.

And that’s great and all, but how can you make the most of this information?

The good news is several DNA testing companies currently provide health reports that include helpful tips on how to use your results to your advantage.

You just need to choose one that presents you with “next steps” to follow once you receive your test results back.

This way, you have all the tools you need to improve whatever area of health you’d like to work on.

Here’s an example: CRI Genetics includes simple diet plans for people who choose their weight loss health reports.

One of these health reports, labeled Fat Diet & Weight Loss, can tell you whether your body would potentially benefit from a high-fat diet vs. a low-fat diet.

The “actionable” part of the report is the included diet plan, which is directly curated by your results. If your DNA shows that you may benefit from a diet high in fat, then a high-fat diet plan to follow is automatically included in your report.

Actionable advantages are one of the major benefits of health reports. The best part is they apply to many different health reports.

Protein diet-based weight loss is just ONE of hundreds of examples. That’s why health DNA testing gets people in the industry so excited. It has the potential to shake up the world of genetics and beyond!

CRI Genetics currently offers 120+ health reports and counting. Every health report tells you your results, the science behind where those results came from, plenty of fun facts, and helpful tips to use your results to your advantage.

You can take a closer look at the full list here.