Cellular Research Institute, Genetics Department

Our mission at CRI Genetics is to unlock the treasure trove of secrets hidden in genetic code. Then we make those secrets interesting and actionable for our customers. In order to do this, we need talented, goal-oriented individuals who are ready to commit to our mission and make a difference.


All company positions are based in our headquarters in El Segundo, California (unless otherwise noted).

About CRI Genetics

Our Culture

We’re a diverse group of laid back, fun-loving individuals. We pride ourselves on maintaining an office environment that is refreshingly relaxed, yet exceptionally productive. We set lofty goals, crush them as a team, and celebrate. Everyone here is an expert in their field who proudly hold themselves to high standards.

We Have Fun…

The entire company eats lunch together every Friday afternoon. Whether we have food catered at the office or go out somewhere to eat, you’ll always have a FREE lunch on Friday. And, of course, an opportunity to bond with your teammates.

We also regularly have paid company outings. Whether it’s paintball, an escape room, go karts, or maybe even a trip to an amusement park, we take a half day and go do something fun together every few months. We’ve been known to throw a company party from time to time too

…And We’re Healthy, Too

We keep kitchen stocked with healthy snacks. If there’s a healthy snack you love that we don’t have, we’ll add it! Always plenty of water, coffee, and tea on hand as well.

To take things one step further, we bring in an award-winning yoga instructor every Wednesday afternoon and hold group meditation sessions on Thursday mornings.

Company Vision

Our vision is to help customers learn about themselves via ancestry and health reports. Find your hidden abilities, achieve your goals, and understand how to achieve results in your life. When you understand your genetics you open up a wealth of additional opportunities.

In the near future, we are looking to open up into a total human optimization company. We’ll produce reports and genetic guides that show you not only where you’re from and who you are, but also show you the optimal way to live your life in terms of health, productivity, and more.

We are looking for talented future-thinkers to help us achieve these goals.

Our Core Values


Customer First

We make decisions based on what is best for our customers and consistently add value to their experience,
since without them we couldn’t have a company.


Get Results

We produce results by focusing on the right thing at the right time.


Extreme Ownership

We take ownership for our words, actions, and decisions rather than making excuses or pointing fingers.


Data Driven Decisions

We do the research and make informed decisions, instead of guessing or following personal opinions.


Keep Learning

We value openness to feedback and constructive criticism while prioritizing a growth mindset over ego.


Team Oriented

We cultivate camaraderie and teamwork through open communication, debate, and full commitment to our shared goals and the team at large.


Have Integrity

We prioritize the values of honesty, integrity, and grit, and we do the right thing even if no one is watching.

The Benefits of Working at CRI

    Being Part of Our Super-Team

  • Fast-paced, innovative work environment
  • A team full of talented, hardworking achievers—are you our newest member?
  • Massive chance for every employee to make an impact
  • Casual dress code and relaxed work environment
  • No Micromanagement—We hire the best and coach our employees to success instead of micromanaging.

    CRI Invests in Your Education

  • Company-paid classes to expand your skill set
  • Full stocked library of business books—and CRI regularly buys new books for employee self-improvement
  • Company-paid Audible Account

    CRI Invests in Your Health

  • Health, Dental, & Vision insurance (premiums are FULLY paid by company)
  • Plenty of Paid Time Off, including paid holidays and sick time
  • Regular company outings, Friday lunches, and company yoga + meditation