Top 7 Reasons to Get a DNA Test

All the cool kids are getting one...should you?

If you’re thinking about getting a DNA test, then you clearly have questions…

Questions about your ancestry, your family history, or your health…

Or all of the above!

The simplest, most obvious reason to get a DNA test is to get answers to those questions that you can’t get anywhere else.

But I’m not going to let you off THAT easy…

Here are the Top 7 Reasons to Get a DNA Test:

#1 Discover Your Roots

You’ve probably heard some stories about your family history from your parents and grandparents.

These conversations are rare glimpses into the lives of your ancestors… And as rivetingly satisfying as they are in the moment, there’s always a thirst for more glimpses.

The stories often leave holes that inspire questions. Any answers your family give often inspire more questions. And sometimes, unfortunately, your family doesn’t know the answers.

This desire to connect with your family’s past is only natural. I’d even argue that it’s an inherent aspect of human nature.

I mean, there’s a popular video game franchise based entirely on the idea of using DNA to relive the lives of ancestors!

While a DNA test can’t quite do THAT, it can give you answers to some of your lingering ancestry questions.

Most DNA tests give you a percentage breakdown of your ancestry by comparing sections of your DNA to samples known to be from various regions of the world. For example, there may be a pattern of genetic variations on one section of a chromosome. This specific pattern on this section of DNA might be known to only appear on people with German ancestry. Therefore, if you have this genetic pattern at this location, scientists can deduce you have German ancestry.

Some DNA tests will even give you TWO percentage breakdowns of your ancestry.

A DNA test gives you confirmation of the background you already know and fills in the parts you don’t. Much like stories from family, some of the surprising answers you get will inspire more questions for you to investigate or dream about!

#2 Reveal Your Legacy

How many family heirlooms do you have that were passed down from generation to generation?

Some people have old jewelry, maybe antique furniture they inherited, maybe simpler items like blankets, scarves, and shawls… Some people even hold onto old shag carpets they think are ugly but bear sentimental value from all the memories at grandma’s house.

Almost everyone wishes they had more photos of family who have passed on.

It may be a bit odd to think about what YOU might leave behind for your descendants…

Perhaps even more odd to think about DNA test results as something you can leave behind…

However, by sharing your DNA test results with loved ones—whether you’re still kicking or not—what you’re really giving them are answers. Answers to some of the same questions that got you thinking about a DNA test in the first place.

There’s nothing quite like sharing and comparing DNA test results with loved ones. Due to the complex, uneven inheritance of DNA, everyone’s test results are a little bit different—even between siblings! When you share and compare results with enough family members, you can almost see the different paths of inheritance for each ancestry or trait.

Whatever your legacy ends up being, you know you want it to be something your descendants are proud of—something they hold dear to their hearts, just like you do with your mother’s ring or grandma’s ugly shag carpet. DNA test results can be one of those things your descendants are proud to hold onto.

#3 Uncover Ancient Stories So Old, NO Family Member Could Have Told You

What if I told you… You could trace your ancestry all the way back to the woman ALL humans today are descended from?

Your DNA can help make it happen. Specifically, your Mitochondrial DNA.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is a special type of DNA you inherit directly from your mother. She inherited from her mother, who inherited it from HER mother, and so on.

Unlike most other types of DNA, mtDNA changes very little (if at all) from generation to generation. Yours is virtually identical to your mother’s and her mother’s. There’s an heirloom you may not have even known you inherited!

The woman ALL humans today are descended from lived in Africa roughly 150,000 years ago (give or take a few millennia). As humanity migrated around the world, mtDNA changed just enough that different branches of matrilineal lineage emerged. However, the changes were minimal enough that scientists are able to connect those branches to the overall matrilineal family tree.

A DNA test can show you which branch you’re on and unlock ancient stories your parents and grandparents never imagined. For example, you might find out you’re on branch U5, which emerged in the Black Sea and Mediterranean region 30,000 years ago. It’s one of the more common branches among people of European descent and can unlock stories about your family’s migrations around Europe during the Ice Age.

This is often called a “Maternal Haplogroup Report.” Your “haplogroup” is the mtDNA branch you’re on.

One of the cool things about knowing your branch on humanity’s matrilineal family tree is you get to trace the migrations of your family throughout world history. The “Maternal Haplogroup Report” at CRI Genetics even gives you an interactive map where you can watch the migration happen and get little insights for each branch along the way.

#4 Take Family Planning to the Next Level

An unexpected benefit of DNA tests is you can find out what your descendants will inherit before you even have descendants.

I’m not just talking about ancestry here… In fact, ancestry may be the least significant feature in this context.

When you share and compare DNA test results with a partner, you get an exclusive glimpse into what traits your potential child will inherit.

Hair color, eye color, and so much more than that. You can find out how their health may be impacted by their genes, what their nutritional needs may be, and even what talents they may have!

CRI Genetics currently has more than 100 unique reports outside of ancestry (allergies, nutrition, metabolism, and more) that can give you a look into the futures of your children that only a DNA test can provide.

#5 Conquer the Unknown

Of course, a glimpse into your children’s future isn’t the only vision a DNA test can provide…

It can give you a glimpse into YOUR future! In fact, a DNA test can even give you the reins.

Almost everyone has some sort of health issue in their family history…

And almost everyone has a sort of dormant fear as to when it will be their turn with that health issue.

Now to be clear: A DNA test is NOT a substitute for a medical diagnosis from a healthcare professional.

A DNA test can remove a certain degree of uncertainty though. You might find out whether you inherited the genetic variations responsible for that health issue.

You may be able to put your worries to rest or find out what may be coming down the road, so you can prepare for it.

Some CRI Genetics customers share their DNA test results with their doctor, so their doctors can help them come up with an action plan that enforces their strengths and helps to counteract any way their genes may hold them back.

There are even “epigenetics coaches” who rely on CRI Genetics reports to advise their clients. These coaches try to help people activate or suppress gene expression, so essentially “turn on” or “turn off” certain genetic variations by controlling outside factors, such as diet.

Please consult a medical professional before attempting to make any health-altering changes to your routine.

#6 Get a Personalized “Owner’s Manual” For Your Body

Most owner’s manuals get stuffed in a drawer, never to be seen again… (You know which drawer I’m talking about)

Your DNA test results are an owner’s manual for YOU that you’ll want to reference repeatedly.

That's because you can use it to achieve health goals.

I’m not just talking about learning what you may need to prepare for in your future…

I’m talking about goals you want to accomplish right now! In the present!

For example, DNA test results can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Many people have a few unwanted pounds they’d love to shed. A rare few even want to gain a few pounds.

How many times have you said you’re going on a diet and that you’ll really stick to it this time, only to lose patience and give in to the cravings?

I promise I’m not trying to call you out here. I’ve done it many times myself.

The problem is there’s plenty of convincing arguments out there about what the “best” diet is. Many of these arguments contradict each other.

Fat is good, carbs are bad! No, carbs are fine, it’s fat that’s bad! Ignore all that and just stop eating dairy! You know what? Clearly, it’s best to just not eat all!

The fact is many of these arguments are both right AND wrong. For some people, adding fat and cutting carbs is the best diet. For some people, adding carbs and cutting fat is the best diet. For some, it’s as simple as reducing your intake of calories!

It all depends on what your genetic owner’s manual says.

The same goes for exercise—should you take up running or do some high intensity interval training (HIIT)? Get a DNA test and look at your genetic owner’s manual!

What vitamins and nutrients may your body need more (or less) of? Check your owner’s manual!

The wealth of useful insights a DNA test can give you about yourself is unprecedented.

#7 Get to Know Yourself Better Than Ever

Bringing it all together—the ancestry breakdowns, haplogroups, and owner’s manual…

Knowledge about yourself is at the heart of it all. It’s #7 on this list, but it’s really the #1 reason to get a DNA test.

Imagine someone wrote a book about you. “An Encyclopedia of All Things [Insert Your Name Here].”

Wouldn’t you want to read it???

That’s what your DNA is. It’s a book about you. Right now, it’s locked in a safe (your body). To make matters even more complicated, it’s too small to see. On top of all that, it’s written in a language you can’t read!

A DNA test is a safe, effective, and FUN way to translate that book into something you can read.

Your DNA test results will surely end up being one of your favorite books of all time—even if you don’t like to read!

It tells The Story of YOU. A story that’s not just interesting, it’s useful.

As Aristotle once said: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

So, what are you waiting for? Unlock your story.

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