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How DNA Testing is Answering Health and Ancestry Questions for Millions of People

Get the most in-depth and easy-to-understand health and ancestry reports with CRI Genetics. The ancestry reports go back further than any other DNA test, and their customized, actionable health reports can help you improve your quality of life and reach your full potential.

The Problem: Personal Identity and Health are Difficult to Get Right

To know one’s body and mind on a deep level, we really must understand more about ourselves, and we’re not exactly given a user’s manual when we enter the world. Most of us stumble (albeit sometimes gracefully) through life and hope we’re getting it right.

What if you were given a user’s manual for your body?

Would you look inside?

People struggle with realizing their potential for a few reasons:

  • The human body is complex. 46 miles of nerves, 60,000 miles of blood vessels, a brain with 100 billion nerve cells. That's the beginning of the adult human body; with so much contradictory advice about health, reaching our full potential becomes confusing and overwhelming.
  • Personalized medicine is underutilized. It's important to cater to each person's individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach: what may be good for one individual may be kryptonite for another.
  • We need a guide to lend a helping hand. It makes sense to ask for help by calling upon those who’ve spent their entire lives understanding the human genetic code. It's like getting the strategy guide and the cheat codes for your body.

The Solution: DNA Testing with Actionable Insights that are Customized to You

Enter DNA tests: a revolutionary way of reading the body for those with ancestry and health questions, and how the two may influence each other.

A 30-second cheek swab gets you a return ticket to the ancestors of your past to understand your origins on a level like never before. Not only that, over 120 health reports can be your ticket to a better life in the near future.

CRI Genetics uncovers for you how your body works and eliminates the uncertainty around your past.

Getting started on your own DNA journey begins with buying a DNA test kit. Once your DNA kit arrives (3-5 business days), simply swab your cheek, and send your kit back in a pre-paid package.

Your results will arrive in under 8 weeks, or you get your money back, guaranteed.


  • Dual BioGeographical Ancestry Reports
  • Detailed Percentage Breakdown of Your Heritage
  • Ancestry Timeline Report
  • Up to 50 Generations of Your Family History

Best Choice
Ancestry + Health

  • Everything in Our Ancestry Package PLUS...
  • All Current Health Reports (120+)
  • Get to Know Yourself Better than Ever
  • In-depth Actionable Insights Customized to YOU

A DNA test from CRI Genetics gives you the opportunity to live your best life and feel more connected to yourself and humanity.