Is CRI Genetics Reliable?

How Reliable Is CRI Genetics?

It’s no secret that genetic testing is more popular than ever. Sales on DNA tests have doubled nearly every year for the last several years.

If you’re here reading this, you know I don’t mean paternity tests… No, we’re talking about DNA tests for discovering your ancestry and countless other fascinating insights.

As more people become interested in understanding their genetic makeup, companies offering DNA testing services have become increasingly prevalent…

And the more companies there are for people to choose from, the more questions people have about their options.

This blog post aims to delve into the reliability of CRI Genetics and its offerings. Together, we’ll explore the background of the company, what’s offered at CRI Genetics, and we’ll even look at customer reviews.

How Accurate is CRI Genetics

CRI Genetics is a DNA testing company that prides itself on its unique approach to genealogical testing.

Who Owns CRI Genetics

The company was co-founded by a professional molecular geneticist who has been studying DNA for over 35 years, with the help of Nobel Prize-winning scientists. His name is Alexei Fedorov and we use his unique algorithms to calculate detailed estimations of your ancestry.

The science and technology behind CRI Genetics are what make it a legitimately reliable service. The company uses advanced bioinformatics algorithms and software to analyze your DNA and accurately generate your reports.

CRI Genetics Offers A Variety Of Services And Products:

  • Ancestry Reports: CRI’s most popular product offers a reliable, comprehensive breakdown of your genetic heritage. This report is generated by examining 527,414 markers in your DNA, which are then compared to a database of samples from around the world. The result is a detailed, accurate report that can trace your lineage back up to 50 generations, providing a rich tapestry of your genetic history.
  • Health Reports: CRI Genetics also offers health reports that provide reliable insights into how your genetics may influence your health. These reports cover a wide range of health-related topics, including potential glimpses into your future health, how your body might respond to various substances, traits you may have inherited, and how your body processes and stores fat. The health reports are designed to help you understand your body better and make informed decisions about your health.
  • Allergy Reports: CRI Genetics even provides allergy reports that can help you understand your body's potential reactions to certain allergens. We currently offer 17 unique allergy reports, including grass, egg, dogs, cats, peanut, herbaceous plants, and more. Understanding your genetic risk for certain allergies can help you manage your symptoms better and take preventive measures when necessary.
  • Customized Diet and Nutrition Insights: CRI Genetics offers a unique service that combines genetic data with information about your diet and habits to provide reliable personalized supplement recommendations. This service is based on the understanding that your genes influence your body’s absorption, metabolism, and excretion of nutrients. By understanding your genetic makeup, CRI Genetics can provide accurate recommendations on which vitamins and supplements may benefit you.

How Does CRI Genetics Work?

The process of using CRI Genetics is straightforward and can be completed from the comfort of your home. It begins with ordering a home DNA test kit. You can order one from this blog post, if you feel so inclined!

Once ordered, the kit will be delivered within 3 to 5 days. The kit comes with detailed instructions on how to collect your DNA sample. This is done using the two swabs provided in the kit.

After collecting your DNA sample, you simply place them in the two vials provided, seal them in the special bag included in the kit, and mail them to our lab in the pre-paid package.

After the lab receives your samples, it takes roughly a month for your reports to be ready, give or take a week. You will receive an email notification once your reports are ready, and you can log into your account to explore your results.

Here’s what happens at the lab:

  • DNA Extraction: The first step in the process is DNA extraction. The lab technicians use a chemical process to break open the cells in the sample and release the DNA. The DNA is then isolated and purified for analysis.
  • Genotyping and Sequencing: The next step is genotyping, where the lab analyzes specific regions of your DNA. CRI Genetics examines 527,414 markers on your DNA, which are compared to scientific research to generate your reports. These markers are chosen for their relevance to ancestry, health, allergies, nutrition, and metabolism.
  • Data Analysis and Report Generation: The final step is data analysis and report generation. The data from the genotyping is analyzed using bioinformatics algorithms. These algorithms compare your data to reference data to determine your ancestry, health insights, and other information. Once the analysis is complete, the reports are generated and made available to you through your CRI Genetics account.

How long does it take to analyze DNA after extraction?

The time it takes to analyze DNA after extraction can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the quality of the sample and how many samples our lab receives at one time.

However, on average, it typically takes about 3 to 4 weeks from the time the lab receives your DNA sample to the point where you receive your DNA test results.

This time frame includes the processes of DNA purification, amplification, genotyping, and data analysis.

The CRI Genetics Commitment to Privacy and Security

Is CRI Genetics Legit

CRI Genetics takes data security and privacy very seriously. From the moment we receive your DNA sample, all personal information is separated from it and all data is encrypted.

We do not share your information without your explicit consent and we take extra steps to help protect against security breaches.

We also offer a unique 8-Week “Efficiency Guarantee,” where we promise to deliver your test results within 8 weeks of our lab receiving your DNA. If our lab process takes longer than 8 weeks, you get your money back. It’s one of the only money-back guarantees in ALL of the DNA testing industry.


CRI Genetics Test Review

We like to believe CRI Genetics test reviews stands out in the DNA testing industry due to our commitment to scientific rigor and accuracy. We’re one of the only DNA testing companies fronted by an actual professional geneticist, while our most famous competitors are fronted by venture capitalists.

This isn’t meant to be a knock on our competitors. We have a great deal of respect for them and for good reason. But, we’re also very proud of our commitment—and involvement with—the hard science.

Our Ancestry Timeline report also goes back farther than any of our competitors—up to 50 generations! It even gives you near-exact dates in history when certain ancestors from your corners of the world lived. This level of detail isn’t possible without Alexei Fedorov’s scientific algorithms.

As such, CRI Genetics has received a significant amount of positive feedback from customers.

As of writing this blog post, CRI Genetics has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot. 66% of reviewers give us a 5-star rating.


In our positive reviews, customers praise us for having detailed and easy-to-understand reports, quick turnaround times, and responsive customer service. Our customers find our information to be insightful and interesting. Many also appreciate that we keep adding more every week!

Are there some negative reviews? Of course. Everyone has SOME haters.

Many complaints revolve around our ancestry results being slightly different from what customers have seen with competitors… But if you try multiple DNA tests, you’ll find every single one of them give slightly different results. None are necessarily “wrong.” These discrepancies are largely based on the company scientists having slightly different interpretations of patterns in DNA.

As with any product or service, it’s always important to keep in mind that individual experiences can vary widely.

One other thing we like to think sets CRI Genetics apart is our privacy policies and data security measures

We do not sell or share your information to 3rd parties without your explicit consent. We don’t even collect, test, and store your information without your explicit consent.

All genetic data at CRI genetics is stored in a secure database and is protected from unauthorized access. We committed to being transparent with you about anything and everything we do with your information.

Now to answer the question: Is CRI Genetics reliable?

While no DNA testing service can guarantee 100% accuracy due to the complex nature of genetics, I hope to have shown you CRI Genetics is a reliable option based on our commitment to scientific accuracy, positive user feedback, and robust data privacy and security measures.

Still not sure? I encourage you to conduct your own research. 

DNA testing can provide fascinating insights into your ancestry and health, but it's important to approach it with a clear understanding of its capabilities and limitations.

If you're considering CRI Genetics or any other DNA test, take the time to understand what the test can and can't tell you.

Then prepare for the ultimate journey of self-discovery.