What Can My DNA Do For Me? Find the Genetic Traits You've Been Searching For

Odds are you aren’t aware of ALL the secrets hidden in your DNA. Now you can be!

What do your eye color and your attractiveness to mosquitoes have in common? If you’re stumped, not to worry! Those two things appear to have absolutely nothing in common... However, this may be because the answer exists on a level that is invisible to the human eye.

The connecting factor between your eye color and why a mosquito may prefer your arm to your friend's also forms strong bonds between other seemingly unrelated characteristics – characteristics that make you who you are.

How well you empathize with other people, whether you may lose your hair when you're older, the amount of sleep you need to feel fully rested, why you may adore your alone time (while others hate it)

They are all tied together to form your unique identity. The combined forces of these characteristics set you apart from anyone else on the planet.

So, what is the common factor? The answer lies deep within every cell in your body…

It all boils down to your DNA.

Here's a fun fact for you: you share more than 99% of your genetic information with every other human on the planet.


Wait a minute… doesn’t that refute what you just read about being different from everyone else? Nope! Although you share around 99% of your genetic information with every other human, the remaining 1% holds an unbelievably large amount of individuality.

In fact, your physical appearance, personality, thoughts, fears, senses, and everything that makes you… well, you is captured within that 1%.

This doesn't mean other, external factors, such as your environment, can't play a role in shaping who you are. However, your genetics are the undeniable first building blocks that help separate you from everyone else.

What Can My DNA Do For ME?


Aside from all of the cool stuff mentioned above about how your DNA promotes your individuality, knowing your genes can help you out in many different ways.

The following list is just a few ways you can take advantage of your genetic information. Once you know how your DNA shapes your world, you will be able to:

  •                   Discover healthy ways to improve your muscle composition
  •                   Determine easier ways to cut sugar out of your diet
  •                   Reveal how your body handles salt and effective methods to lower your blood
  •                       pressure
  •                   See if your mood may change with the seasons
  •                   Learn how certain food cravings can hinder your weight loss goals
  •                   Discover how to perform better under pressure
  •                   ...and much more!

How can you put all the information hidden in your genetic identity to good use? This is where genetic health reports come in, such as these ones offered by CRI Genetics.

CRI Genetics has over 125 reports about your health, with every report covering a different topic about YOU.

Whether you want to know more about how your genetics affect your memory, respiratory system, senses, or your skin’s self-defense system against psoriasis, you are sure to find a report about it!

All you have to do is search for it! What's the best way to do so? Well...

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If you’re a CRI Genetics customer, you’ve always been able to search for health reports by name, however, The Search Bar just got a makeover!

You may want to find reports that can boost your brain power. Or reports that focus on strengthening your bones. Or maybe you’d like to see what your genes may have to say about your teeth after your last trip to the dentist (you knew you shouldn’t have eaten all those girl scout cookies!)

No matter what your health questions are, you now have a new and improved tool to give you the answers. If you have a second, go check out The Search Bar in your dashboard. It’ll be in the top right corner after you login to your account!

Additionally, all CRI customers have been gifted 15 FREE trait reports. These reports are now yours for the taking and available in your CRI dashboard under the label "Traits".

So, what are you waiting for?

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The following are some of the exciting things you can do with your health reports:

  •                   Learn if you can devour an entire cheesecake without lactose-related
  •                      consequences
  •                   Discover whether you may be genetically blessed with the absence of body odor
  •                   Find out what foods your genes say you will prefer
  •                   Learn which sun-protection methods will benefit your skin the most
  •                   Reveal whether your genes may be ramping up your cravings for sugary foods

It’s time to let your genes show you what they're truly capable of.