COVID-19 Vaccines: Everything You Need to Know

It's no secret at this point: Two vaccines for COVID-19 are available in the United States. One was developed by Pfizer and the other by Moderna.

The Top 10 Ways to Manage Your Psoriasis

What is Psoriasis? Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes your body to produce a rapid buildup of excess skin cells. This increased skin cell production occurs in cycles of “flare ups'' and remission. Psoriasis flare ups may cause inflammation and itchy, dry patches on different areas of the body, most commonly the elbows, knees, trunk, and scalp.

Atkins, Mediterranean, or Keto? Ask Your DNA.

We all know that diet and exercise contribute to your weight loss and fitness. But what about your genetics?

Coping with Social Distancing and COVID-19

Hello, are you hanging in there? How are you coping with social distancing so far? Three weeks have gone by since we wrote Your Ultimate Guide to COVID-19, and the number of coronavirus news stories has sky-rocketed. In response, we have freshly updated our past two coronavirus posts to keep our readers in the know. 

Your Ultimate Guide to COVID-19

In February, we covered the coronavirus in its infant stages. Now, we barely even recognize it. In just one month, it changed its name (COVID-19? Who is she?), caught up to Forrest Gump (yes, Tom Hanks was infected, but he's okay now!), and officially reached pandemic status. It would be a major understatement to say that a lot has happened since we last wrote about it. In answer to many of our readers’ requests, we have decided to write a follow-up article on COVID-19. We intend to provide the latest updates on the virus, sort out fact from fiction, and deliver the best recommendations from experts on how you can stay safe during these extraordinary times. 

The Wuhan Coronavirus and Why Genetics Will Save Us All

Geneticists eat coronavirus for breakfast! Except not actually. Because gross. Although we are only three months into 2020, the world has already experienced a fair amount of trauma. From the massive wildfires that swept across southern Australia, to the deaths of Lakers star Kobe Bryant and eight others in a helicopter crash, it’s easy to say that this year is off to a rocky start.

The Language of DNA

The Language of DNA DNA translation: Everyone speaks a language. Animals speak a language. Computers speak a language. Even your cells speak a language. And like any language, we need to understand the basic rules before we can read and write with it.

The Future of Personalized Medicine

First, we should ask the question: What is personalized medicine?


In the biological and psychological sciences, there’s an ongoing debate. This debate centers around the idea of “nature versus nurture.” In other words, what impacts someone’s development more? Their genetics or the environment they grew up in?


Quick! When I say mutations, what do you think of?


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “carrier?” Do you think of an aircraft carrier? Maybe the helicarrier from the Avengers movie series?

Curious Research Information: Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Your Genes?

Summer is a great time for many people. People from countries around the world like to take vacations in the summer, and many children are out of school during this time of year. The sun shines bright, and the days are long.

What is a gene? What is a genome?

A four letter-word should be really easy to define, right? After all, the dictionary definition is only about a sentence long.

The Chemistry of DNA

DNA is an abbreviation for “Deoxyribonucleic Acid.” The name alone means a lot to people with biochemistry Ph.D’s, but what does it really mean?

How Much Does a DNA Test Cost and How Long Do They Take?

A common concern that often holds people back from learning more about their genetic makeup is the cost of a DNA test, especially when they haven’t looked at all of the options. There are differences between DNA tests, as there a different degrees of DNA testing and uses for the results.

Finding Love With Your Pheromone

Have you experienced the instant attraction with someone you just met? Or talked to someone for weeks online, then turn out not to be interested once you meet? They were the whole package! Interesting, funny, intelligent, and good-looking, but something was just missing…. that spark… that desire… that chemistry. It turns out, you may be right.

Do You Get Your Hair Genes From Mom Or Dad?

Your genetics are your body's blueprint. They determine how you look and how your body works from the start (then your lifestyle may take over). If you remember your biology lessons in high school, you may already know that you inherited 23 gene-carrying chromosomes from your mother and another 23 from your father. These chromosomes make up your genotype. How they get expressed, what you see in the mirror, is your phenotype.